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911 was established in Henry County in 1989 and serves all areas of Henry County Tennessee including the cities of Paris, Puryear and Henry. The 911 Telecommunicators are City of Paris employees. They perform emergency and routine dispatch operations for all emergency response agencies including Paris Police, Paris Fire, County Volunteer Fire, EMS, Rescue Squad, and the Henry County Sheriffs Office. The 911 Telecommunicators are required to take extensive training, to be certified based on local, state and federal guidelines.

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Each year, the second full week of April is dedicated to the men and women who serve as public safety telecommunicators. The Paris Police wish to honor and recognize the hard work and dedication exhibited by our STAFF of 911 call-takers. The City of Paris, Paris Police Department and Henry County 911, has a tradition of providing the highest quality of service because of the dedicated women and men in our Dispatch Center. This is as a direct result of the selection process for these important positions, the training model we use, and the commitment to quality and professionalism. These highly trained professionals provide support to police, fire, and ambulance and rescue services throughout Paris and Henry County; and are a lifeline to every First Responder on the road. Our emergency communications dispatchers work countless hours around the clock, to help keep all people in Henry County safe and connected to public safety services.

Britni Cunningham

Dispatcher of the Year

Ms. Cunningham is recognized as an outstanding Telecommunicator this year for her dedication to protecting and supporting citizens in need. Britni helps to make a disaster into a manageable situation for both the 911 caller and first responders. It takes a special person to provide the voice of calm during chaos.


The Henry County 911 Communication Board meets on a quarterly basis. Meetings are held in September, December, March and June at the 911 Administration Building, located at 204 N. Brewer Street.

911 Board Meetings

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